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About GW2 Gold

GW2 Gold is not your ordinary, run of the mill gold merchant. Our team consists of active gamers within Guild Wars 2, most of whom have been playing the franchise for years and are veterans from the days of the early Guild Wars 1 beta. Since we participate in the buying and selling of gold and excess items, we know who the best gold merchants are. We weigh up the benefits and pitfalls of using cheaper gold merchants versus more expensive ones, and share these observations with our site viewers. It’s not simply a matter of who has the best price, it’s a matter of reliability of stock, delivery, risk, and communication (a lot of merchants don’t even speak English & don’t take efforts to minimize the risk of account ban).

The buying and selling of in-game currency within any MMO is an ethical dilemma for some. Some players even actively campaign against the concept of others receiving in-game items that they haven’t worked for. However, as hardcore gamers we know there’s much more to it than that. We believe that gaming is not about grind, it’s about skill. Some people don’t have the time to grind gold all day endlessly, whilst others do. The existence of the purchase and selling of gold with real life money in games such as Guild Wars 2 is a simple matter of market demand which will never change within virtual currency systems. Some games have gone a step further and even allowed in-game trades for real life money. There’s no ethical debate here, virtual currency is a commodity like any other, and everyone in a virtual world deserves the right to have fun, despite whatever their real life demands are. That’s our philosophy anyway.

When we set up GW2 Gold, we didn’t just want to set up a place for players to find the best gold merchants each month, we also wanted to explore and share certain aspects of the game we found unique, write tutorials, incite discussion, and many other things. We wanted to more or less to create an underground “resource portal” for Guild Wars 2. We’re not focused on any other game – only Guild Wars. We’re probably the only independent gold buying/selling review site to do that, and we’re proud of it.

So stick around, have fun, and if you’re thinking of buying or selling any Guild Wars 2 gold or other items at a merchant, make sure they pass through our recommendation first*.

*GW2 Gold stands to make a small commission from any sites referred via our website.