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gw2gold.com stands to make a commission or other form of payment from any advertiser, virtual currency merchant, or other third party website located on our website if you perform a specific action on that website such as purchasing a product or service (including the buying or selling of virtual items or currency).

We also may make profit from advertisements displayed on our website. gw2gold.com is in no way affiliated with ArenaNet or Guild Wars 2 in any form whatsoever, and all respective copyright and trademarks rest with their respective holders. We are not responsible for any action that occurs if you visit a third party website linked to from our website. Whilst we may recommend certain websites, you should be aware that regardless of whether we receive a commission from them or not, our recommendation should by no means be taken as a full endorsement of the website’s credibility, reliability, or anything else thereof.

We dismiss all legal liability for anything arising upon your visitation of any website outside of gw2gold.com, or for any action you perform based upon the information contained within our website. The breach of an EULA agreement within any game may lead to repercussions from the game’s makers, including but not limited to account banning. Everything done by you is at your sole risk and responsibility.