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GW2 Nearing Release, Final BWE This July 20th

After much anticipation, it was announced at the beginning of this month that Guild Wars 2 would be releasing on the 28th August this year. This was followed up a short time later with information about the final Beta Weekend Event, which will be taking place tomorrow (July 20th) and will conclude on the 22nd.

The main buzz surrounding BWE3 is the ability for players to finally be able to play any and all races, including the Asura and Sylvari, compared to previous beta events where only the Human and Norn races were available.

Also on the upcoming “to-do” list is a brand new zone to explore known as the “Brisban Wildlands”. According to Kim Kirsch, Brisband Wildlands is “a remote jungle adjacent to the lands of the asura, sylvari, and humans”. This new area as yet remains to be explored, so it will be interesting to see the hundreds of thousands of players flocking to it tomorrow.

There’s a new PvP map being released called “Legacy of the Foefire” as well. Judging by the screenshots of it so far, it seems to look a lot like Ascalon City from the original Guild Wars.

In addition to all this there seems to be a lot of other things for players to explore, including new World Vs World PvP structures, possible crafting enhancements, and a myriad of other things. If you haven’t downloaded the update for BWE3 since BWE2, you should do so now, as it is a fairly large update.

One last reminder, tomorrow’s beta event will be the final time that you will be able to use your current characters before the game goes live next month. There will be a full reset before the game launches, so don’t be afraid to experiment with some new classes and races during the final BWE just to get a quick feel for what sort of character you would like as your “main” when the game finally goes live.

One thing that will carry over until after the reset however are any gems that you purchase. In previous beta events the gems were handed out for free, however this BWE it seems that the gems will cost real money. Whilst you’ll be able to spend the gems during the BWE, any items you purchase will be lost after the BWE, however the gems themselves will all be returned to you once the game goes live. It is of our opinion that this is the perfect opportunity to buy lots of gems to experiment with the different items available in the gem shop, and then receive the gems back again after the BWE.

Once the game launches, you can be sure to find loads of tutorials, walkthroughs, farming guides, and of course, a daily updated list of the cheapest leading game gold merchants right here at gw2 gold. Be sure to bookmark us, as the journey from Ascalon hasn’t yet even begun!